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Hygiene Services

✓ Ozonizer
✓ Hand Sanitizer (bottle or dispenser or refill)

✓ Disinfecting services for viruses and bacteria
✓ Soap Dispenser
✓ Jumbo Roll / Tissue roll Tissue Dispenser
✓ Hand Towel / Interfold Tissue
✓ Paper Dispenser

✓ Rib Mat / Soft Cushion Vinyl Mat/Carpet Mat
✓ Urinal Sanitizer
✓ Urinal Screen 
Toilet Seat Cleaner 
Hand dryer
✓ Stainless Steel Bin/washroom equipment (Outright Purchase only)
✓ General cleaning equipment (Outright Purchase only)

Air Freshener


Stayfresh sanitary bin disposal service

Hygienic: Powerful bactericide at the base of each sanitary bin unit sterilizes contents while a perfumed vapour prevents unpleasant odours.
Convenient: Our fully trained female team sees to the entire process of removal, installation and maintenance of the sanitary bin system.
Compact: Each sanitary bin unit fits snugly into the cubicle, and the flap lid has a disposal tray that keeps the contents hidden even when the lid is lifted.replica watches
Discreet: Your female staff will appreciate the thought you’ve provided to ease their problem. The unit fits discreetly into each cubicle for convenience and ease.
Effective: Forget old pedal push and ordinary dustbins, sanitary bin disposes of towels and tampons using the environmentally safe and effective method.
Prevent costly plumbing repairs due to blocked pipes.

Sanitary bin

Hygiene Services Malaysia

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