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a proven and highly effective pest control measure

Residual Spraying

Subterranean termite (white ants)

Control consists of spraying of termiticides which act as a stomach and contact poison. Upon contact, the behavior of termites and all damaging activities are halted immediately after exposure. This will include affecting the nervous system, resulting in over-stimulation and causing them to experience the halting of feeding, disorientation, disruption, colony stress, and finally, death.

Initially, all wooden structures will be inspected by our well-trained technicians and termite affected areas will be treated. Routine inspections can be carried out upon request.

Cockroach Control

Mainly residual insecticide spray on all potential breeding areas and harborages with our specially formulated insecticide mixtures and gel application on sensitive areas.

Sewage and drainage systems, food and beverage outlets where food resources are readily available refuse collection areas, etc.

Ant Control

Residual spray will be carried out in the compound cracks and crevices, skirting boards, refuse collection areas, sewage, drainage systems, and gel application on sensitive areas.

ideal for outdoor

Thermal Fogging

Fly and Mosquito Control

Spraying/fogging/misting in potential breeding grounds and harborages for the immediate extermination/ eradication of adult flies and mosquitoes. For more effective treatment, larvaciding would be carried out before fogging

Open and covered drains, refuse collection areas and other potential harborages.

ULV Misting Treatment

Store Product Pests

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spray for certain flying insects using misting (water/Aerosol-based) machine to provide the highest level of insect control coupled with the maximum operator convenience and comfort possible. At least 90% of the droplets produced are below 20 microns in size, the optimum size range for all chemicals recommended for the control of flying insects. By increasing the chemical flow rate, larger droplets can be produced to leave insecticide deposits on walls.

types of termite treatment

Anti Termite Treatment

Anti Termite Corrective Treatment (slab injection)

Bore injection holes at 40-60 cm apart. Inject the solution using a soil injector. The objective of this treatment is to termite-proof a building against subterranean termite infestation by creating a termiticidal barrier around the perimeter of the building, ground beams, and columns by drilling using a heavy-duty ‘rotary hammer’ drill type.

Anti Termite Chemical Soil Treatment

To spray the solution on the soil surface before installing floor slab/concrete by the usage of motor pressure pump with a hand sprayer gun for uniform distribution of the chemical and to drench the soil border around the ground-beams and columns and surface of the apron area

Rodents Control

Rodenticide anti-coagulating bait placed at strategic places i.e Along rats runaways. However, whenever necessary, traps and glue boards will be deployed. Baiting stations will be rechecked and replenished. Trapped or dead rats found will be removed and affected areas are disinfected/deodorized.

Industrial Use Glue Board

Tamper boxes trapping rats from entering the building/compound. They act as a strong defense line with monthly/quarterly trend analysis for observations and further recommendations for an effective control strategy.


The pesticide used is in accordance with the recommendation of the Pest Control Association of Malaysia and approved by the Pesticide Board of Malaysia.

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